Born and raised in Rome, Adriano El General has developed a passion for tattoo art from a young age,his original Chicano style is distinguished by the solidity of his tattoos and their durability. Thanks to his experience, he creates works that are not only visually appealing, but also well-crafted and durable, using high-quality pigments and advanced execution techniques.

Her works maintain their beauty and integrity over the years, ensuring uncompromising durability for her clients. Through his artistry and deep understanding of culture, he creates artwork on skin that tells stories celebrating the heritage and traditions of the Chicano community. Also an expert in the cover up technique, Adriano is able to transform old unwanted tattoos into completely new and effective tattoos that meet the needs of those who wish to alter or enhance their existing tattoos. 

 His unique and recognizable style has helped define the Chicano tattoo landscape making him a benchmark in the industry as in addition to being a renowned tattoo artist, he shares his vast experience and knowledge as a professor at the Legacy Tattoo Academy passing on his skills and talent to aspiring tattoo artists. 

 In addition to his recognized Chicano style, Adriano El General is also known for his continuous artistic evolution in fact, while maintaining his roots in the Chicano tradition, he is constantly exploring new techniques, styles and artistic influences to enrich his repertoire and offer his clients a wide range of creative options. This commitment to innovation and experimentation allows him to offer unique and customized tattoos that reflect the individual needs and tastes of his clients.His constant quest for refinement makes him a benchmark in the tattoo world, both for his loyal clients and for the broader artistic community.

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